Opera and Classical Music

There is nothing quite so thrilling as sitting before a full orchestra as they play a piece carefully composed by one of the world’s best musicians: from Tchaikovsky’s ebullient, heart-warming Waltz of the Flowers to Mozart’s mesmerizing opera buffa Don Giovanni, the classical world is full of awe-inspiring art that is bound to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. On this page, you’ll find an abundance of opera and classical music tickets.

Though often considered to be an elite pursuit, opera represents a joyful celebration of what it is to be human. As an art-form it celebrates the beauty of the human voice and its ability to harmonise, in blistering accuracy, with the instruments of the orchestra. Local touring companies frequently perform high quality, budget friendly versions of well-known pieces, from Bizet’s Carmen to Puccini’s Madama Butterfly. Classical concerts are also incredibly common in local theatres, halls and churches.

Opera, and classical music in general, is warmly human: it brings into clear and touching focus every known emotion, from love and hope to grief and despair. Buy your preferred opera and classical music tickets today and escape into a world of harmony, elegance and wonder!

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